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09-10-01 news
Catherine Zeta Jones Interview...

Catherine Zeta Jones has also spoken on her role in the film American Sweethearts. Catherine spoke of her own role and that her co-stars in the movie.

Q: Are you any way like Gwen, the character you play in the movie?

Catherine There's no way that I am, that I am this character, even though I'm sure it's been an easy process to get there. It's very different to the kind of celebrity-dom that I know of. But, I think, uh, I think people, I mean, just when you think of, you know, the interest in celebrities and "Are they really like that?" And "What goes on behind the scenes?" And this is, of course, a comedy based around those walls. But, uh, it's a wonderful insight into some of the dramas and some of the, crazy things that go on behind the scenes. But when you step out into the public, you can be something else and that's what I wanted to use for my character Gwen Harrison. I wanted to be really, like, a split personality. I wanted to be able to see what I put out there to my fans and to my public. Then also you get to see what, you know, what she's really like. So that was fun to play, to be able to have that kind of schizophrenia going on. It was fun.

Q: How is the relationship between Gwen and Eddie (John Cusack's character) in the movie?

Catherine This is a very contemporary movie. But when you look back where couples were paired, not on one film but on several films, you know, the audiences went to go and see Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. They went to see Lauren Bacall and Bogey. They went to see Richard Burton and Taylor. And that's, I think, if anything, is the only thing that's a throwback, is that this couple, Gwen Harrison and Eddie, are the quintessential celebrity that everyone wants to read about, everyone wants any snippet of information. But also, they're, they're just loved on screen as a couple.

Q: Tell us more about you character?

Catherine She's just completely self-involved and there's nothing else that goes around, that goes on around her that's of any interest. She is the centre of attention. She is her own centre of the universe. What, what I wanted to do with Julia, even though, I mean, there's a real kind of weird, um, situation where she is my sister and she is my assistant, and there's kind of that nepotistic kind of thing, that, you know, you're my family, so that's why you ended up being my assistant. And she's, you know, that, that doesn't make anyone feel good. And she's, you know, that though I am a very difficult human being, the quintessential difficult more difficult than anybody else you'd ever meet in your life. I still wanted to have a sister, um, a sibling relationship with Julia you know that I've never had a sister, but I know what? my mother is one of, like, five girls and they have this. They love each other dearly, but they're able to do things and say things to each other that you would never say to anybody else. But because it's a sibling, you think you can get away with it. So I wanted to play with that. But, my gosh, my character, Gwen is just so into herself. It's just, it's just sickening.

Q: Is there a happy ending with Gwen and Eddie?

You just want them to be in love. I mean, they're a couple that audiences only want to see. They know the ending. They want to see the movie where they get together. And, um, off screen, it's a different story. We're in the middle of separating. I want to give him the divorce papers and we have to get together on final time, um, to promote the movie Time Over Time, which is a really bad movie. And um, along with my Spanish lover, who's accompanying me on the press junket, um, it lends itself to quite a volatile environment.

Q: Did you have fun with the character?

Catherine I'm having far too much fun playing her, that I just don't want any iota of her being seeping into as a person. [chuckles] She's just, she's just like, "Go away." When I wrap in a few weeks, she's just has to go away and never to be seen again.

America's Sweethearts is out in Ireland this weekend.

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