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29-11-01 news
The Corrs talk fame, kids & war...

Jim and Caroline Corr speak out about the hard road to the top and the effect babies will have on the Irish band.

How hard was it in the beginning?

"We all had the will and the determination to fight for what we wanted and felt we could overcome all the hurdles that came our way. And believe me we went through everything from being turned down by record companies to not having enough cash to bankroll the operation" according to Jim.

Has the fame affected you in any way?

Jim continues, "when we started off we just wanted to make records and to play for people. But, I really don't think it's gone to our heads at all. I still walk up and down Grafton Street and I still do my shopping in the Green shopping center. We lead pretty ordinary lives when we are at home."

Caroline Corr agrees with her brother. "I don't feel a different person but I suppose you do change over the years because of all the traveling and the experiences you have. But, I do feel if I have changed it's for the better. I certainly don't feel mad or different in a bad way."

Do you (Caroline) and the rest of you family always hang out together?

"Once we are off the road we go our separate ways. We certainly don't go on holiday together or anything, although we do occasionally meet up."

Jim what is the secret of The Corrs?

"We knew we had to make it work. You get tired of arguing after a while. We went through all that. You know which buttons not to press anymore."

How is the job on relationships Jim?

"The only down side to what we do is that it is difficult on relationships. But, I'm still very content. I am very lucky to have a job which was once a hobby I am very lucky."

Has the events in the US effected your touring?

"We were setting out on a tour of South east Asia. A few days later the war began in Afghanistan and we came across a lot of anti-western feeling in some places. It does not cross your mind when you are flying so much that at any stage your plane could be turned into a missile. But, we had canceled a tour of South East Asia earlier this year and we did not want to do it again."

Jim says that if any of the girls get pregnant it won't mean the end of The Corrs.

"It won't mean the end of the band or anything. If one person in the band has the responsibility of a kid and they decide they are not going to tour live just make the records, then we can work around that."

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