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07-11-00 news PAUL MARTIN
Westlife's Nicky Byrne Interview...

Nicky Byrne has opened his heart for the first time about his love for Georgina Ahern and revealed: "She's the girl I want to marry." At just 21 he is already a millionaire, has had six number one singles and is dating the Taoiseach's daughter. And in the future he wants to make his life complete by marrying Georgina.

He explained: "At the minute we are not engaged or anything but looking a few years ahead, I'd have to say that she is the girl that I want to marry. "We have been together a long time now and we are totally committed to each other. "I love her to bits and she makes me happier than anyone."

And Nicky talked of the amazing lengths they go to to be together when Westlife are touring. He said: "I fly her out to be with me whenever possible, especially when we are in England or Europe. "When I'm further away we talk at least five times a day on the phone. "My mobile bill at the end of each month is massive, but sometimes it's the only way I can keep in touch with her. "The worst time was when we were in America for three months and I didn't see her. "That was really hard for me to deal with because we had never been apart for that long. "I was desperate to see her but at the same time America was so important to us."

And like every couple Nicky and Georgina occasionally argue. He said: "It's not often and when we do it's about silly things. "We might have an argument if one of us has said something in front of another person that we didn't like - just silly stuff like that. "To be honest we very rarely fall out. I think we are both so grateful to spend time together when we get the chance the last thing we want to do is fight."

Even with the pop world in his hands Nicky's greatest fear is that it will all fall apart. He said: "I am a big worrier. I get it from my mum. "I would be devastated if everything went wrong with the group or we ended up calling it a day. "I like the fans coming up for the autographs and the attention you get in a pop band. "There's no point pretending that I hate it all because I don't. "Sometimes I get myself worried about silly little things, but that's the way I've always been. "I think in a way that helps to keep me on my toes more."

Away from the public spotlight Nicky indulges his passion for football. As a teenager he was the youth team goalkeeper at Leeds United before George Graham told him that he would never make it as a professional. But he made some good friends there and even his international jet-set lifestyle doesn't interfere with that. He said: "I still hang out with my mates from the Leeds United youth squad. "Whenever I get a couple of days off I go and visit them and watch them play. "Lots of them have now risen to the first team and are doing really well for themselves. "I still love football and pull on the boots whenever I get the chance. "The problem is finding the time because we are away so much. "I often get phone calls from the lads at Leeds to tell me the scores. "And whenever I go to matches there, they give me my own box and look after me really well."

Nicky's good looks have made him a hit with the Westlife fans. But he is modest about his fame. He said: "It's nice that people make the effort to come out and see you perform live and buy the albums. "I never forget that the fans are the important people - they have put us at the top of the music business. "I always try and respond to as many of the fan mail letters as possible. "If someone stops me in the street for an autograph I always take the time to sign it. "I don't think it's right when pop stars don't take the time to talk to the fans. "The fans could end it all tomorrow if they wanted. All they have to do is stop buying the records and singles."

Nicky said that after two years together as a band, the Westlife lads have become closer than ever. "I think we've all grown up together in the last two years. "When we started out none of us really had any idea what we were getting ourselves into. "Now we are a lot more mature, we've learnt to be more responsible and set a good example to the fans. "At the end of the day we are all in a dream job that most people would kill for. "I wouldn't be doing anything else and the rest of the lads feel the same. "Hopefully in five years' time we'll still be as enthusiastic as we are now. "I don't see how anyone could ever get tired of this business."

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