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Haunted House: The Game has begun...

The contestants have now left the Haunted House but not without proving to be twenty-seven very difficult people to scare.

The twenty-seven chosen went to a lot of work preparing themselves for their weekend with the ghouls and ghosts in the Haunted House.

All the contestants had psyched themselves up and were mentally prepared for the challenge of the Haunted House "they were like U.S. Navy Seals" said Louis Maguire, executive producer, Haunted House.

The producers were shocked at how resilient the contestants were and were not as prepared for them from day one as they had planned. The challenge the producers set themselves was to find out each contestants greatest fear.

They then tormented them and dwelled upon these fears, until the twenty-seven slowly began to crack. Four people were put together under a single bed, they were told that they were not allowed to move from or leave this place, then three snakes were then sent in to torment them, as the contestants wriggled and squirmed trying not to move from this designated place but trying desperately to get away from them, they cracked.

For others it was a simpler process, for some it was due to sleep deprivation, the cold, the constant drumming of music or hearing their friend screaming in the adjacent room and not being able to help them.

The game began as twenty contestants entered the Haunted House in Spiddal, Co. Galway. They were divided into teams of five and each contestant was given a dog tag. These dog tags had to remain around their necks from start to finish.

Rules were laid out and tasks were given, and one of the simplest rules was if you lost your dog tag you were immediately evicted from the Haunted House.

This unfortunately happened to one unlucky contestant.

Contestants could leave the house by two means. Breaking a rule or not completing a task, or they left of the own free will out of sheer terror.

When leaving the Haunted House they could donate their dog tags to another contestant or put them into a neutral pot. Each dog tag is worth a certain percentage of finalists overall votes when they go for public vote. Once one contestant left the Haunted House one of the seven substitutes took their place in the team to face the ghosts and ghouls.

Haunted House will be some of the most exciting and deranged television footage ever seen in the world. It tells an overwhelming story of what people will put themselves through, for fame and fortune, for a Suzuki Grand Vitara 4x4 and 20,000.

TV3 is to transmit Haunted House as a three day special over 16th 17th and 18th of April.

See the Haunted House site here

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