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05-03-01 news
Westlife's Shane looking for love...

At the BMG record's party after the Brit awards Shane Filan from Westlife took time ask to clear up some facts about his love life for the ladies of the world and in the process clear up some bad tabloid rumors. Sitting in a quiet corner Shane, the lead singer in the band explained that he was in fact not engaged to anyone and that he was actually looking for love.

"My mother woke me up when the papers said I had got engaged giving out to me. I had to tell her it wasn't true. The girl I was with leaving the hotel in Dublin was a friend of Nicky's girlfriend Georgina. We dated a few times but that was it. I'm totally single and I guess you could say I am looking for love."

With no lady in his life Shane also revealed that he has become a bit of a car and property tycoon in Sligo. "I've asked my father to take care of my property in Sligo. I've invested a lot of my money in property down there and I'm building a house like you've never seen before for my parents. I'm also car mad and have just ordered a £160,000 Porsche 911 which I should have by the end of the year."

While we chatted Andrea Corr arrived and left the party. It may have been that her ex boyfriend Huey Morgan of the New York band the Fun Lovin' Criminals turned up with another one of his ex-girlfriends TV presenter Cat Deeley. Other guests at the party included 5ive singer Ritchie Neville who ex-girlfriend Billie Piper has run off with Chris Evans, Take That singer Mark Owen, Dane Bowers, Natalie Imbruglia and Kylie Minouge, the rest of the Westlife lads and finally Bono and Adam Clayton.

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