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14-06-01 news
Jackie Chan Highbinding in Ireland!

The Highbinders: The Oriental Daily reports that Kate Winslet, Kate Beckinsale and Sophie Marceau are all up for the lead female role in the new Jackie Chan and Lee Evans flick scheduled to begin shooting next month in Ireland.

Also being sought after is a 7-8 year old child actor that can speak Mandarin.

The story is set in present days, and the term Highbinder refers to a character in the Irish mythology that is immortal and can accomplish impossible feat through superhuman powers (Ireland's answer to the Highlanders?).

In the film both Jackie (Eddie) and Lee (Watson) play two cops in Hong Kong, who are good friends and the occasional odd couple. After the handover of Hong Kong to China, Watson was transferred to Interpol, while Eddie was assigned the task of international human smuggling.

After many incidents and deaths in the smuggling trade, both Interpol and HK police sent Eddie and Watson to investigate the leader of the smuggling empire, SnakeHead.

The two cops rendezvous in Ireland and begin their investigation, but are quickly killed while on duty under mysterious circumstances. But through some miraculous events, both of them come back and become the HighBinders.

Further sleuthing reveals that Snakehead intentionally kills the smuggled people for insurance money. Thus the battle between Good and Evil commences".

Thanks to Dark Horizons for the tip...

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