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23-06-00 news at last...

U2 are to go on line, at last. Speaking to ShowBiz Ireland recently Paul McGuiness, U2's manager confirmed is soon to become a reality for their new album. "We now want to go on-line with and it's just something we haven't got around to yet. Well, at least until now."

The band's new venture will be a site to behold the Rock superstars. Speaking this week U2 member The Edge revealed the band didn't bother with their own site until now because their fans had beaten them to it. He said "There was so much high-quality information on the internet that we didn't feel there was any need for us to add to that unless we could do something different. But now we feel we're in a position where we can fund a site we believe will be significantly different to the stuff that's out there already."

However, The Edge insisted the group would not try to shut down rival U2 sites but incorporate them into their official one. "We're hoping to make connections to the great sites that have sprung up over the years that are to do with U2" he said "There are so many of them and they are put together by U2 fans mostly. We're interested in the ones that are put together by the enthusiasts and there are a lot of those. I don't think we serve U2 or U2 fans by trying to eliminate the other sites." He said. "Variety is a big part of it and there's room for all kinds of things dedicated to the band from the bizarre to the ridiculous to the ones we're trying to put together."

The Edge said that U2 always had an interest in the Internet and new technology and have been part owners of a software company since the early 90's. The business has just launched new advanced Internet technology called Burst Web and is showcasing it with a Webcast of U2's Popmart concert from Mexico city for the next three weeks.

The stunning concert can be seen at While the new U2 web-site is expected to come online by September, the band members are concentrating on completing their latest album.

The edge described the work in progress as "a band-centred record". He said "I think it's gonna be a record people play a lot. I think its material at its very core, it's really about the four members of the band playing together so it's going to work very well live."

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