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04-07-01 news EXCLUSIVE
Our readers Flatley Q&A session...

Michael Flatley spoke to Jason O'Callaghan at his Madison Square Garden show. We put the questions to him that our readers wanted answered...

Pits of Flames: Michael & Jay @ The Garden

Q... Are you going to be filming any part of Dream Dancer in Ireland, if so when?

A... Don't know if we are. We are however starting to film the movie on August 14th. I can confirm that.

Q... I would like to know if, when you stop touring with FOF, the show may tour without you like LOTD does?

A... No one can take over from me on Feet of Flames. Nobody could do that solo. Next I'll, do things you'll never expect. But, I'll tell you it's going to be big. The tour ends in Dallas on July 29th.

Q... Have you seen Riverdance on video or live after you left, and if so what do you think? Have you seen any of the other shows such as Gaelforce or Dancing on Dangerous Ground? What did you think of them?

A... no comment...

Q... Is here any news on your upcoming movie, flute album, and book?

A... The film starts on the 14th of August. The flute album is recorded. I worked on it with Gerry Fay a gifted composer in Ireland. He's in my band he plays the pipes and the mandolin. He composed two or three of the numbers in the new show. So all credit to Gerry and Ronan Hardiman.

Q... I read in an article that you stated your motto was "live fast and die young." Was this a misquote? If it wasn't, do you still hold that philosophy about life? You often state that one should "follow her/his dreams" And it is clear that you have. However, what should one aspire to when their dream has come true?

A... I like the saying more "You should think big and move fast."

Q... My question is this: some of us, myself included, have birthday presents that we would love to give to you, (especially at the Sacramento and San Jose shows), if you are no longer doing meet and greets, then how do we get our gifts to you? Isn't there a way to do the meet & greets in a controlled, safe environment? Indoors, perhaps???

A... (from his PA) If any one has gifts for Michael I will usually get them. So, if fans have gifts they can leave them at the stage door of the venue and I will give them to him for them. My name is Sharon Ashley.

Q... This may sounds silly but I want to know what kind of cologne he wears?

A... He has as many as 15 different one's he tells us.

Q... Did he really break up with Lisa because there was an article in the paper that says he did?

A... He has but we are told that is the only thing we are not allowed to ask about.

Q... Does he know Gaelic because I had a sign in Gaelic and I'm hoping he understood it?

A... Only a little

Q... Are you gonna buy a house in the US?

A... I like living in Cork. Its going to take me so long to get that place fixed up and the powers that be that make those decisions (the planning authorities) are taking a lot longer then I had originally anticipated. But that's ok. But, I've put in an offer on a Penthouse in Chicago. So I can spent some time with my family as well.

Q... What are you going to do when you retire from dancing besides the movie and the book writing?

A... When it's over I'll miss it. It's a very difficult thing to do. Maybe a holiday. That sounds great. A little sun sounds great. I've got around 10 days of in August and I think I'll go down to France. I'll spend some time at the house I like that."

Q... Where do I send fan mail and do you really read it all, cause I bet you get a lot but you said on Larry King live that all you read the fan mail?

A... Details can be got from and an official fan website is on the way.

Q... Ask HIM and please tell me He meant to meet and greet in Columbus Last Saturday and couldn't because of the security, and not just because He didn't care???

A... I'm shrouded with security now. I'm not allowed to stop after the shows any more to talk to fans which is a real pity because I loved that. I tried to see as I can many. (this is what he told the Irish Voice newspaper.)

A2... I'm not even aware of it. I think maybe we should go onto the next question. I don't know how much I'm supposed to say about this. Maybe you should talk to the security about that. I wish I had an answer for you but I don't . (what he told us)

Q... I would like to ask him about the possible one-off show in Monte Carlo in August. Has anything been confirmed yet and what date?

A... That is for the Red Cross and I have been invited by the Royal family. I'll know over the next few days if we are going to do that show.

Q... Michael, do you have any plan to visit Korea?? I wish you know there're also many flatheads in Korea.

A... I don't think that's going to happen. My whole life dream has been to get to the Garden. Tonight is my night and I feel like Mike Tyson and we won't be defeated tonight. We will get them on their feet and take you can take that to the bank. After tonight we only have a handful of shows left. I'm back this time for my family and the US. We are near the end make no mistake. I'm at the top of my game now. I'm going out with my mind. Most of the boxers that fought here in the Garden like Lewis came back one time to many. I'm going out on top. After tonight my final show is Dallas on the 29th of July. Then I'll sit down and make some more decisions.

Thanks to all our readers for the Questions, the Flatheads in particular...

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