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07-07-00 news
Stephen Gately set for the Big Screen?...

Boyzone star Stephen Gately has revealed he would love to pursue a career on the big screen. Gately, who has just released his debut single says he has been approached about acting roles. "I've had a couple of offers," he said. One was for a musical that I can't say much about right now but acting is definitely something I'd like to get into. I enjoyed the voice-over work that I did in Watership Down so I'd like to do some more of that too. "I think Disney could do a Irish leprechaun movie and I could do the voice! I'd have loved a part in the new Lord of the Rings film as well."

Stephen has already performed tracks for Watership Down and Disney's Hercules." Sadly, however the Boyzone star dreams of a huge solo pop career may be dashed as sales of his debut album flopped. The pop idol has sold just 14,000 copies of his new album. The album called A New Beginning was released last week, but only managed to reach number nine in the UK album charts. His record fared even more badly among Irish music fans by reaching number 30 in the charts.

The pint-sized singer hopes for a number one single with his debut release were also dashed last month. The title track from the album went to number three in the British charts and number eight in Ireland. "It's not a great start to say the least," said one music industry insider. "Boyzone used to sell way in excess of 100,000 copies of a single or album in the first week of release. Stephen hasn't come close. I think it's come as a surprise to everyone that the Boyzone fans don't seem to be showing the kind of loyalty that was expected."

Stephen's band mate Mikey Graham also floundered in the British charts with his debut single You're My Angel, only reached number 13 in the UK charts but doing better here by reaching number five. Band frontman Ronan Keating will be the third Boyzone member to try for solo success when he released his new single on July 10.

However, Ronan has revealed that he is terrified that the track, Life is a Rollercoaster, will not be successful. "My last solo record was a number one so the next record has to be number one, otherwise I have failed," he said. "We've been very lucky that Boyzone's fans have stuck with us all the way and if half the fans buy my record I'll be doing well. Please God, they will."

On other Boyzone news Shane Lynch's family have issued an apology to fans. Tearful Boyzone and B*witched fans, snubbed at Dublins' ShowBiz wedding of the year, won the family apology from groom Andy Lee. Andy, who married Shane Lynch's sister Tara, 28, said: "We apologize to anyone who was upset by security." Burly bouncers muscled out kids as they tried to glimpse Boyzone hunk Shane Lynch and B*witched sisters Keavy and Edele at the family's double wedding. Andy tied the knot with Tara while Shane's US based sister Allison, 24, married Geoff Finlay.

Andy said both had tied up an exclusive deal with a celebrity mag OK to start married life "Without huge debt!. Before jetting out for a double honeymoon in Thailand, he said: "This was the wedding of two normal couples, not a Boyzone or B*witched wedding.

Shane, Edele and Keavy were dismayed at not being able to say hello to the fans. "But they were doing what the magazine wanted."

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