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03-01-02 news PAUL MARTIN
Bryan & Kerry's Wedding Hideaway revealed...

We can reveal the picturesque hideaway where Bryan McFadden and Kerry Katona will tie the knot on Saturday.

The Irish Mirror got the news that the ShowBiz wedding of the year will converge on the tiny Co Meath village of Rathfeigh.

Situated in the middle of the countryside, Kerry and Bryan fell in love with the Catholic Church of Immaculate Conception after they discovered it on a family outing.

It looks like any other quiet village church but on Saturday it will open its doors to an array of top celebrities. Stars including Ronan Keating, S Club 7 and Bryan's Westlife band mates will flock to the 150 year old stone church.

It is ideal for a high profile wedding with only one small country road leading to the church which is surrounded by trees and situated next to a graveyard.

Villagers were unaware that the huge ShowBiz event was about to unfold on their own doorsteps. Bryan and Kerry tried to protect the identity of the church so that a 300,000 Euro deal with Hello! Magazine would not be scuppered.

Last night a source close to the couple said: "This is the dream location for Bryan and Kerry. Nobody other than the invited guests will be able to get anywhere near the church. This is the place where they will get the privacy to enjoy their big day without too many people being around. On the day of the wedding the church will be decked out in white flowers and candles - it will be very romantic and idyllic. It only holds around 250 people so it will be packed to capacity with some of the biggest names in ShowBiz. They have already visited the church twice and preparations will get underway on Friday to bring in the flowers. There will be security at the end of the road to make sure that nobody can come near the church without an invitation. Bryan and Kerry will bring a priest from Dublin who is a good friend of the family to conduct the ceremony and they have picked all the hymns themselves. Bryan will arrive first in a limousine and then Kerry will arrive with her mum and dad. At this stage it's likely she will have to arrive shielded by minders and she will be whisked straight in without any hanging around. If any photographers get near the church it is going to cause a major headache because she can't go through the back door - every bride dreams of their walk down the aisle. They will have blankets and umbrellas to drape around her if the worst comes to the worst but even that is a risk. The service will last for around an hour and then photographs will be taken on the steps of the church - but only if no other photographers are near the site. Guests are being brought to the church at 1pm and they will then be taken to Slane Castle for the reception. There is an elaborate buffet style dinner being planned and they will be greeted with champagne and canopies. A magician will roam around the tables and perform for the guests. Then at around 7pm Westlife will perform a medley of their hits."

The wedding has cost 100,000 to stage and taken six months to plan. Westlife's Sligo stars Kian Egan, Shane Filan and Mark Feehily have booked into top Dublin hotels so they can enjoy the wedding night celebrations.

Kian said: "This is going to be one of the biggest days for the group since we got together three years ago. We're all really proud of Bryan and there are going to be a few bad hangovers on Sunday morning but that's what it's all about. We have all been measured up for our wedding suits so we're going to be looking pretty sharp."

Kerry's Atomic Kitten pal Natasha Hamilton will be one of her five bridesmaids. Bryan and Kerry will run through a rehearsal for the wedding tomorrow but are expected to do it in Dublin so they don't attract attention to the church. A special security team have already visited the Rathfeigh church to plan their wedding day security checks. Guests will be checked on the way in for hidden cameras and security men will guard the church doors to prevent anyone gate-crashing the ceremony. "I don't think Rathfeigh knows what is going to hit it on Saturday but they couldn't risk the secret getting out or every Westlife fan on the planet would have turned up on Saturday," the insider added.

"Special cars with blacked out windows have been hired to take Kerry and Bryan from the church to Slane Castle after the wedding."

The reception will be followed by a fireworks display and guests will be taken back to their hotels at 3am.

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