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16-08-02 news
Darius Claims Pop Idol Fix...

Darius, the unsuccessful Pop Idol will be in Dublin over the weekend for the O2 concert in the part along with Lulu, Ronan Keating, Samantha Mumba and 5th Avenue.

Darius Danesh, who is currently enjoying at least 15 minutes of fame, has left the UK claiming that the TV talent show was a fix.

The Scottish singer, currently topping the charts for a second week, says that the songs were biased towards eventual runner-up Gareth Gates's singing ability.

"We all recorded Evergreen and Anything Is Possible for the final. I did them too, even though they weren't even in my vocal range,"says Darius.

"They were written for Gareth's voice and Will was unhappy about that. Will asked Simon Cowell if he could have them rearranged into keys we could all sing and Simon just brushed him off."

Darius also insists that Simon Cowell, who afterwards signed both winner Will Young and Gareth to BMG, had favoured Gareth all along, and fans of Will have since accused BMG of promoting Gareth's career at the expense of Will's.

"Sadly, the programme is a marketing entity which served the purpose of fulfilling BMG's needs. Whether it was fair is questionable," added Darius.

Even Simon Cowell admitted recently that he was more likely to promote Gareth, but insisted it was more down to similar artistic needs than any favouritism on his part.

"The difference between Will and Gareth is that Gareth wants to work with me and take my ideas and I don't think Will does," said Cowell.

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