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13-08-02 news
Louise Goes Outback with Ant & Dec...

Last week sexy Irish TV presenter Louise Loughman received the good news that she had got one of the biggest roles on UK TV.

She was the former model and former member of Chill, Ireland's less than successful answer to the Spice Girls. She became the host of FISH, RTE's tv entertainment show.

Now, Louise is following in the footsteps of Amanda Byram and Liz Bonnin and making the move to the UK.

She is to be the host of ITV's new TV show along with the pint sized stars of Pop Idol Ant and Dec.

Sadly, Louise was not contactable this week as she is on holiday with her long-term boyfriend Stephen Byrne as well Annette and Patrick Rocca in Florida.

However, a friend of the star confirmed that Louise is moving to the UK full time from this week.

Speaking to her friend said "Louise is due back from Florida and is flying out to London on Tuesday morning for a day shopping with the stylist of her new show. Then on Wednesday herself and Ant and Dec are flying to Australia for a month's filming."

The source went on, "They have a crew of over 300 for the show which is called I'm a celebrity get me out of here. I know she is over the moon about the show but I'm not to sure how long that will last as she has to start work every morning at 5am as the show goes live on ITV every morning. On top of that it's going to be filmed in the middle of the outback."

Those of you older then twenty will remember Louise from her girl band days in Chill, the band managed by Lillies Bordello boss Valerie Roe, which also launched the career of Off the Rails and Telly Bingo presenter Liz Bonnin.

After a number of years turning down offers to get back into the music industry this week Valerie launched her newest product a five-piece boyband called D-side.

The launch was held in Charlie Haughey's favorite restaurant Cruzzo's in Malahide and the band are signed to Edel records which is run by Clive Black.

His father was Don Black the man responsible for songs such as Michael Jackson's "Ben", Matt Monroe's "Born Free" and "Diamonds are Forever" by Shirley Bassey.

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