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Westlife survive Earthquake in Mexico...

WESTLIFE have had a miracle escape from injury in Mexico City after a terrifying earthquake rocked their luxury hotel. The superstar singers were woken from their sleep at 5am when the quake struck, measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale. The quake was so strong that plaster and paintings fell off the wall,windows were shattered and water even burst out of bathroom pipes.

Members of the Sligo and Dublin pop group rushed for cover hiding under tables,doorways and chairs as the building rocked from side to side.

Kian Egan told the Mirror: "It was absolutely terrifying, I feel like I am lucky to be alive and so are the rest of the lads. "I was the first to wake up, it was like a really bad dream. It felt like the hotel was spinning and the sky was falling in. "I ran under the doorway and just closed my eyes and hoped for the best as things fell down around me. "There was also this really loud rumble like a huge thunderstorm. I hadn't a clue what was happening to be honest. "Everything around me was falling off tables and the window shattered into small pieces. I have never been so frightened. "It seemed to last for about five minutes, although afterwards someone told me that it had lasted for less than 60 seconds. "All these horrible thoughts were going through my head but my first concern was that the other lads were not hurt. "As soon as it stopped I ran to the phone and rang the other lads to check that they were okay. "I just asked them if they had felt it too and they were equally as terrified. "I then looked out of the bedroom window at the swimming pool and it looked like there was a huge tidal wave. "All the water in it had splashed up over one side and it had flooded the whole courtyard area which surrounded it."

The group and other guests were rushed to an underground safety area which is specially designed to withstand even the strongest earthquake. Half-an-hour later they were cleared to leave the hotel: "We were all just thanking our lucky stars that we had survived," Kian added. "Mark wasn't so worried because he slept through the whole thing he wondered what all the fuss was about. "But the rest of the lads were pretty shaken up about the whole thing. We rang home to tell everyone that we were okay."

Bryan McFadden's room was so badly damaged that he had to be moved for the rest of his stay.

"There were four broken windows and two of the pipes in the bathroom had broken," he said. "The walls were literally crumbling around me. There was plaster everywhere and it looked like a building site. "The alarm bells went off too and some of the safety hoses in the halls turned on automatically.

"To be honest it was like something out of the movie Armageddon. It will be a story to tell the grandchildren in future years anyway."

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