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Kerry Katona Opens Up...

They have become one of Ireland's most famous families, living a luxurious lifestyle with all the trappings of their fame and fortune while remaining committed to their daughter.

But while Kerry Katona and her Westlife husband Bryan McFadden are the first to admit they have a privileged lifestyle, they also tell a story of sacrifices and hardships they have endured for their success.

As their careers in ShowBiz continue to soar, Kerry revealed how they have suffered the heartache of having to compromise their relationship for fame.

"There's so much of the time that Bryan and I have to spend apart and that's the hardest thing. He will be away working with Westlife and I'll be in London doing my TV work and it becomes heartbreaking. I take Molly everywhere with me because I want to be there for every second of her growing up. But the time it really hits home is when you're sitting on your own in the evening and the baby is sleeping" said Kerry.

She went on: "That's when I miss Bryan most. I love him as much as the day we got married and it's hard for both of us."

The millionaire couple, both 21, married in January, just four months after their daughter Molly was born. But after the Slane Castle celebrations, Kerry had no intentions of sitting back and enjoying the fruits of their pop success.

She signed a deal to present Channel 5 show Exclusive and has now announced plans to host a dating show on ITV1. Her frantic schedule, along with Bryan's commitments to the band, means they can never be guaranteed time to spend together.

She said: "It's tough for Bryan too because he has to go all over the world with Westlife and misses some of the little things with Molly. He'll be on the phone to us for hours when he is away just talking about things. Some times we go for weeks spending every minute together but with my TV work it's become more difficult to coordinate our schedules. But the bottom line for both Bryan and me is that we put our family first. He is a family man and that comes before everything. Whenever we get to even spend an hour together, one of us will jump on the plane and make that journey. We don't want to be one of these couples that makes a bit of money then just sits doing nothing for the rest of our lives. We are prepared to work."

Kerry has been bombarded with offers to sing again since she quit Atomic Kitten after becoming pregnant. But she is terrified of performing as a solo artist and said she would never return to the music business.

She added: "I just can't handle having to go out on that stage all on my own. It was different when I was in Atomic Kitten and the other girls were with me. Plenty of people have offered to give me a record deal and invited me to perform at concerts but I really don't think I could do it."

Since giving birth, Kerry has been trying to balance her career aspirations with the responsibilities of parenthood. She also worked hard to get back into shape but admitted it wasn't easy, adding:

"There are times when I thought I'd never get back to the way I was. I think everyone who has a baby worries about their weight after it's all over because there is a fear that you'll never be your old self again. But I'm happy with the way I look and so is Bryan which is the most important thing. He always tells me that he prefers me the way I am now and also that he likes a bit of meat on a girl. I think people can get too hung up on weight and in ShowBiz there's always focus on how people look and that can be hard."

The couple live in a penthouse apartment near Dublin city centre but spend much of their time in hotels.

Kerry said: "We like to be near the city where everything is happening. We tried living out in a big house in the countryside but it wasn't for us. In the end, we wanted to get back to what we knew and we bought a nice place in the city. We are a really normal family and just do normal things when we are all at home. We spend most of our time playing with Molly and going out on family trips. I didn't have an easy childhood but I knew the value of love and how important that is. That's the most important thing to me - giving love to Molly and it doesn't matter how much money you have - love is what really counts. I don't know what I want her to be when she grows up but I would be happy for her no matter what path she chooses as long as she is happy."

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