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12-04-01 news BY PAUL MARTIN
Nicky & Georgina forever...

Westlife's Nicky Byrne and Georgina Ahern have revealed their plans to get married and have kids. The celebrity couple told Hello Magazine how they want to tie the knot and have children when Nicky gets a lengthily break from Westlife. The childhood sweethearts, who have been together for six years, are about to move into their first home.

But Nicky admitted he was too busy with his Westlife commitments to make a marriage work at the minute. "I want to put 100 per cent of my energies into Westlife and then, if we take a break or slow down, I can get married and start a family," says Nicky, 22.

Georgina daughter of the Taoiseach Bertie Ahern, added: "I can't wait for us to have children because I think Nicky's going to be a brilliant father - good fun, really loving and caring. We know each other very well now and there's a real bond of trust. I know him inside out."

Nicky said that he never had any doubt that Georgina was going to be his wife. The pair first met as 12-year-olds at school and were immediately smitten - even before they'd talked to each other. "I went home at the end of that first day and told my mum, 'I've found the girl I'm going to marry'," he remembered. "My mum just laughed at me. How could I possibly know who I was going to marry at that age? But I knew."

It took another three years before either of them could pluck up enough courage to talk - a moment they describe as a huge bubble bursting inside them. Now they are looking forward to their new home - and future - together. "No matter what the future holds for me, I just pray I'm with Georgina," said Nicky. "Hopefully the money I get from Westlife will look after both of us for the rest of our lives. All I know is that if it wasn't for Georgina I wouldn't be the person I am today. She is my morning, noon and night. She's my everything."

In an interview with the Irish Mirror the heartthrob revealed that they travel almost everywhere together when Westlife are touring. "It's really important to me that Georgina can be with me when I am on the road. In the early days we just had to get on with it and we didn't really have anyone with us. But when we are closer to home in Europe then I try and get her over with me as much as possible. We stay in a hotel together during the tour and try and get out a few nights and go shopping. It makes it a lot easier even though the Westlife thing takes up almost all my time. She is really a rock of support to me and has been behind me since day one. I honestly don't think I could do it without her, she's amazing. When she can't come on the road with me then we just constantly talk on the phone. If I'm away in America or somewhere far away like that then I try and get her to come out and stay with me for a couple of weeks. Whatever it takes for us to be together is really what I'll do. By the end of the month we've both got huge phone bills."

Nicky said that resisting the temptations which fame brings was not a problem. "I have never found it hard when girls start flocking around us and offering everything. At the end of the day you couldn't dream of having anything better than I have. It would be pointless to put that all at risk for someone who is only after you because you are famous. I'm lucky that I have found someone who I can trust because they knew me before I was in Westlife. I would say that it would be much harder if I was single in the group and trying to find true love now. It's hard to tell who is interested in you for being you, or who just wants to know you because you are in a pop band."

While band commitments are the priority for now, Nicky said he was desperate to be a dad before the age of 28. "That's the time limit I have set myself, hopefully it will happen before that," he said. "Both Georgina and I have discussed it and we are really excited about everything. It's a good bit in the distance at the minute but we still talk about it all the time."

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