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Name: Neil Jordan
Date of Birth: February 25 1950
Place of Birth: Sligo, Ireland
Home: Dalkey, Dublin
Star Sign: Pisces
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Neil Jordan was born in Sligo County, Ireland on February 25, 1950. Jordan began his career as an acclaimed fiction writer. In 1981 he entered the film industry as a script consultant on John Boorman's Excalibur. In 1982 he wrote and directed his first film, a crime drama called "Angel". But it wasn't until 1986 that he received real success, when at the Cannes Film Festival, "Mona Lisa" was shown in competition. Staring Bob Hoskins who received numerous honours, including a BAFTA award. In 1988 and 1989 his reputation suffered with "High Spirits" and "We're no Angels," two comedies that both proved to be massive disappointments in the U.S, but in 1992 his career was truly established with the "Crying Game." He received a score of honours for the film, including an Oscar and a New York Film Critics Circle Award for his screenplay. Next came two highly popular films, "Interview with the Vampire" and "Michael Collins". Next he returned to the realm of psychological terror with "The Butcher Boy." After a disappointing Hollywood outing, the thriller "In Dreams," Jordan resurfaced later that year with, "The End of The Affair."

- - JORDAN QUOTES - - chat in our gossroom .

  • "I grew up in a respectable, lower-middle-class home. Our family was quite educated; my mother was a painter, and stuff like that. And I didn't chop up my next-door neighbour. But I remember those emotions. It was a very strange world. Ireland is very grey, and it seems like nothing has changed for centuries. The only bits of colour were in churches, with statues and gaudy religious vestments. It was a very insanely Catholic country. And, you have an educational system run by celibate men in skirts, which is bizarre in itself. But, there's just a sweet irrationality to the whole place." - about his life growing up in Ireland

- - JORDAN AWARDS - - chat in our gossroom .

  • 1999 British Academy Awards Best Adapted Screenplay "The End Of The Affair"
  • 1999 British Academy Awards Best Director "The End Of The Affair"
  • 1999 Golden Globe Best Director "The End Of The Affair"
  • 1998 Berlin Film festival Best Director (Silver Bear) "The Butcher Boy"
  • 1993 British Academy Award Best Film "The Crying Game"
  • 1992 New York Film Critics Circle Best Screenplay "The Crying Game"
  • 1992 Academy Best Original Screenplay "The Crying Game"
  • 1992 Academy Best Director "The Crying Game"
  • 1992 British Academy Awards Best Original Screenplay "The Crying Game"
  • 1992 British Academy Awards Best Director (David Lean Award) "The Crying Game"
  • 1991Berlin International Film Festival In Competition "The Miracle"
  • 1987Golden Globe Best Screenplay "Mona Lisa"
  • 1986Cannes Film Festival In Competition "Mona Lisa"

- - CAREER HIGHLIGHTS SO FAR - - chat in our gossroom .

  • In Dreams-1999 Director, Screenwriter
  • The End of The Affair-1999 Director, Screenwriter, Producer
  • The Last September-1998 Executive Producer
  • The Butcher Boy-1997 Director
  • Michael Collins-1996 Director, Screenwriter
  • Interview With The Vampire-1994 Director, Screenwriter
  • The Crying Game-1992 Director, Screenwriter
  • The Miracle-1991 Director, Screenwriter
  • We're No Angels-1989 Director
  • The courier-1988 Executive Producer
  • High Spirits-1988 Director, Screenwriter
  • Mona Lisa-1986 Director, Screenwriter
  • The Company of Wolves-1984 Director, Screenwriter
  • Angel-1982 Director, Screenwriter
  • Traveller-1981 Screenwriter

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