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Name: Tony Dixon
Occupation: Club & Radio DJ (
Home: Castleknock, Dublin
Chanel College Coolock
Shows: Sat & Sun 6-7pm FM104

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- - SHORT PROFILE - - chat in our gossroom .

Tony Dixon was first introduced to Blues & Soul Magazine as the Breakfast Show presenter on both Pulse 103 and the Essential Galaxy pirate radio stations. As the only breakfast show presenter providing Dublin listeners with a diet of R&B and Soul music Tony's impact was immediate. The unique musical programming, coupled with Tony's positive and uplifting presentation style, captured a cult following amongst the capital's early risers. The word was soon out on Tony's show and with R&B on the rise in the pop charts FM104 made their move. In the early part of 2000 Tony was head hunted by an eager FM104 and before the ink had dried Tony was presenting two weekly shows on Saturday and Sunday nights. The impact has been remarkable. Although Tony was always marketable as a DJ, Dublin's club owners and promoters saw the impression made by his two radio shows and immediately began launching R&B nights all over the city, and indeed the country. Blues & Soul has been making regular forays to Ireland since our first club tour visit in the summer of 1999. The change in attitude to R&B and black music in such a short space of time has been unprecedented. As with the growth of R&B club nights, the number of R&B DJs in Dublin has grown tenfold. Through his work on pirate, and especially legal radio Tony Dixon has become an ambassador for R&B music in Ireland, and a consequence is responsible for this new breed of Irish DJs playing at new Irish club nights. As the man who brought the MTV Lick Party, the Blues & Soul Magazine Tour, the MOBO award winning Fresh 'n' Funky club night and BBC Radio One's Trevor Nelson to Ireland Tony Dixon has fuelled a new era in Dublin's youth culture. In the 1999 Blues & Soul Readers Poll Tony Dixon was nominated in the category of Best Radio DJ. Tony came fourth behind BBC Radio One's Trevor Nelson, The Dream Teem, and Kiss 100's Matt White, a quite remarkable achievement. Tony Dixon deserves recognition for his work in Irish radio and for the positive effect this work has had in Dublin's bar, clubs and record shops. Russell Crewe. Editor of Blues & Soul Magazine. UK

- - SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS FM104 - - chat in our gossroom .

Saturdays and Sundays, 6-7pm: If It's R&B it has to be Tony D! Tony Dixon's award winning show arrives at FM104. Voted in the top five shows in the UK and number 1 in Ireland by the readers of Blues & Soul, the worlds number one black music magazine. If you're into R&B then Tony's show is a must. Tony prides himself in providing you with the hottest, up front R&B cuts from the USA and UK - many of them months ahead of release date. Current hits like Donell Jones, Eric Benet, Macy Gray, Destinys Child, were all exclusive cuts on his R&B show well before they charted. As we say in the biz, the R&B hits of tomorrow can be heard right now exclusively every Saturday & Sunday evening from six. The Saturday show has The FM104 R&B chart a roller coaster of R&B artist with the balance of the show mixed with old skool favorites such as Luther Vandross, Anita Baker, Earth Wind & Fire, 1975 to 85 the essential disco / R&B years and all the exclusive tracks. Tony now the Irish correspondent for B&S goes live every Sunday to London. Russell Crew (The Editor) has all the gossip on who's who, what's what and is it true? Both Russell & Tony's knowledge of R&B expands over twenty years so their banter is very informative, casual and amusing.

- - DIXON'S LATEST FLOOR FILLERS - - chat in our gossroom .

Blues and Soul/Tony Dixon's RnB FLOOR FILLERS CHART
December 2000
1. Destinys Child. Independent Women
11. Lucy Pearl Dont mess with my man
2. Kandi Dont Think Im Not Down
12. LL Cool J. Take it off
3. Craig David Walking Away
13. Nelly Country Gammar
4. Wu Tang Clan Gravel Pitt
14. Jill Scott Getting in the way
5. Sisqo Incomplete
15. Eminem Stan
6. Jay Z Wanna Love You
16. R Kelly I Wish
7.Dela Soul All Good
17. Mary Mary I sings
8. Ice Cube. Hello
18. 3 LW. All Cuts
9. Usher. Pop your collar
19. Dream. He Loves you not
10. Koffee Brown. After Party
20. Wyclef 911

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